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Membership Information

Medicines Australia has four different categories of membership, they are:

  • Class One
    For research based Prescription Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Class Two
    For non-research based Prescription Pharmaceutical Companies or being a related body corporate of Class 1 Members
  • Class Three
    For companies significantly engaged in research into potential pharmaceutical products but which have not yet commenced commercial production
  • Class Four
    Being firms or companies ineligible for other classes of membership which are significantly engaged in the development, testing or registration of prescription pharmaceutical products or which are in the opinion of the Board of Medicines Australia engaged with the research-based pharmaceutical industry for a significant part of their business.

How to apply for membership

To apply for Medicines Australia Membership, please complete the Membership Form.

For further information, contact Natalie Wimmer, Manager, Media and Communications on (02) 6147 6530.